Alpha Resource is a premium executive search and assessment company focusing on the best customer experience and results. We ensure our customers are able to utilize the best possible leadership resources to their full potential.

Our customers are the leading companies in their industries and our assignments vary from significant leadership resourcing programs to individual assessments. We serve currently several of the largest stock-listed corporations in Finland, as well as a couple of the most successful private equity companies and family-owned firms. Most of our business is based on deep partnership and serving the same customers.

Alpha Resource is established in 2016 and has a strong team of experienced and service minded experts to support its customers. The company has quickly established its position among the top executive search companies in Finland.

Typically our assignments are related to change within our customer. We deliver our customers the desired business impacts, for example, increased reaction speed and agility of the organization, the capability to utilize digitalization and create profits for the shareholders.

We serve our customers globally and assume deep personal responsibility for the success of our projects. Regardless of where in the world our project takes place, our customer has always the same consultant taking care of delivering the results.

Our Team

Mika Hiltunen

Managing partner

Matti Seppänen

Executive consultant

Saku Linna

Research Manager

Enni Tyyskä



Alpha Resource is based in the heart of Helsinki, Finland.

Visiting address
Aleksanterinkatu 17, 00100 Helsinki